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The business address service from Formations Factory gives you the opportunity to acquire a premium London address in Covent Garden for your company, where you can receive all forms of general business communications from your customers and other professional contacts.

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My Limited Company
71-75 Shelton Street
Covent Garden

Option 2: Buy it with your company formation order

£99.00 + VAT

If you plan to set up a company through Factory Formations, you will be given the option to buy our business address at the same time. You will also be able to buy a registered office and service address - just select which address services you need.

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Benefits of a business address

  • Use of a premium London city address for your new or established UK business
  • No long-term rental agreements or city-centre business rates to pay
  • Impress clients with a professional business address in a highly-respected area
  • An opportunity to protect the personal privacy of your home address
  • Business mail will be sorted and re-directed to your preferred address, either within the UK or abroad

Read our comprehensive guide to business addresses

How it works

  • Select 'Order Now' or buy the service when you are setting up your company
  • Select 'Business Address' from the address options
  • Add your details and provide us with a forwarding address
  • Checkout and pay for your order
  • Start using your address whenever you like after receiving your order confirmation email*
  • We will re-post all business mail to your preferred forwarding address two times per week, within the UK or overseas
  • You will be charged the cost of Royal Mail postage and a 15% handling fee for each batch of re-directed mail

* Please note: your service will not be fully operational until we receive your photo identification and proof of address as required by legislation. An email with instructions will be sent to you following a successful purchase.

Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of a business address?

A business address simply serves as a general trading address that your company can use as its principal contact address for letters, invoices, receipts, queries and other types of correspondence from customers and professional contacts. If anyone other than Companies House and HMRC needs to contact you or your company, this is the address they can use, rather than your home address. By using a highly-regarded London city address for this purpose, your company will benefit greatly from the impression this creates. The type of image you project is really important, and it will impact the way your business is viewed by others. A prominent business address is also an effective way to establish your company in a new area, reach a different demographic and increase visibility and sales.

Does my company have to be based in England to use this address?

That's the great thing about business addresses - it does not matter where in the UK your company is registered or based, and it does not matter where you work and where you live. So, if your business activities are based in the highlands of Scotland or rural Northern Ireland, or you live in Malta or Indonesia, you can still use this London address as a business address for your customers and contacts. The only person who will know where you are working from is you. Just be sure to give us your forwarding address so we can send you your mail!

Is a business address the same as a registered office and service address?

A registered office address and service address are not the same as a business address. A registered office is legally required, and it is used only to receive official company correspondence from HMRC and Companies House. A business address is optional, and it is used to receive all other types of business mail. This business address service cannot be used as a registered office, but the same London address is available to buy from Formations Factory as a registered office address service.

Do I have to renew this service after a year?

Our business address service has to be renewed on an annual basis, but the renewal cost will be exactly the same every year. You will not have to pay any more than £99.00 plus VAT per year to keep using this service.