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This is a professional address service for limited company directors and LLP members. You can use our service address regardless of which part of the UK your company or LLP is registered or based.

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Your Title and Full Name
71-75 Shelton Street
Covent Garden

Option 2: Buy it with your company formation order

£29.00 + VAT

If you are planning to register a company with Formations Factory, you will be given the option to buy a service address at the same time. You will also be able to purchase a registered office address and business address. Just select the address services you need and pay for your order.

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Why should I use this service address?

  • Companies House requires all directors and LLP members to provide details of a service address during the company formation process or upon joining a company or LLP after its incorporation.
  • To receive your registered mail from public authorities like Companies House, HMRC and the Courts.
  • You can keep your residential address details private.
  • A premium London city address published on the public record will compliment your professional image.
  • Includes free mail handling and re-direction to your preferred address in the UK. International mail forwarding is also available.

What mail can be forwarded with this service?

  • We will accept registered mail for public authorities for the named director or LLP member.
  • Registered company mail will not be accepted - you will have to use our registered office service for this type of mail.
  • General business mail will not be accepted - you will have to use our business address service for this type of mail.
  • We will handle and re-direct all registered mail for the named director or LLP member free of charge to their preferred address in the UK. We are happy to forward this mail to any international address for the additional cost of the current postage rate plus 15%.

How to order this service

  1. Select ‘Order Now’ or buy a service address when you are setting up your company or LLP.
  2. Select ‘Service Address’ from the address options.
  3. Add your details and provide us with a forwarding address.
  4. Checkout and pay for your order.
  5. Start using the address any time after you have paid for it*.
  6. We will send your mail to your forwarding address in the UK or overseas two times per week.

* Please note: your service will not be fully operational until we receive your photo identification and proof of address as required by legislation. An email with instructions will be sent to you following a successful purchase.

Your service address

Your Title and Full Name
71-75 Shelton Street
Covent Garden

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a service address?

Yes, it is a legal requirement. Directors and LLP members cannot be appointed without providing this address information, because Companies House requires an official contact address for the public register and to deliver your statutory letters and notices. However, there are very few restrictions in your choice of address, as your service address can be in the UK or overseas, and you can use your home address, business address, registered office or any other address you like (apart form a PO Box No.).

Can I change my service address?

Yes, you can change your service address whenever you like - that’s not a problem. If you will be moving around a lot, our London service address is ideal, because all you will have to do is provide us with your new forwarding address whenever it changes. This will save you the hassle of changing your official contact address with Companies House every time you move.

Is a service address the same as a registered office address?

No, these two addresses are completely different. Your service address is the registered contact address of a director or LLP member, whereas a registered office address is the statutory contact address of a company or LLP. However, you can use our London address as both a service address and a registered office - you simply require purchasing both of these address services from us.

Do I have to renew this service after a year?

Yes, this service address is renewable every 12 months, but it will cost you exactly the same every year. Our registered office service has to be renewed on an annual basis, but the renewal cost will be exactly the same every year, so you will never pay more than £29.00 plus VAT per year to keep using this service.