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You may use our London office address in Covent Garden as your own registered office to maintain the privacy of your residential address. By using this service, our impressive London address will appear on public record next to your company details.

Your registered office address

My Limited Company
71-75 Shelton Street
Covent Garden

Option 2: Buy it with your company formation order

£49.00 + VAT

If you want to register a company through Formations Factory, you will be given the option to buy our registered office service at the same time. You will also be able to purchase a service address and business address - just select which address services you need and pay for your order.

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Why would I use this registered office service?

  • Companies House requires a registered office address for all incorporated companies and partnerships, and you will be asked to provide one during the company formation process.
  • As your statutory contact address, this is the official delivery address for registered company mail from public authorities like Companies House, HMRC and the Courts.
  • It will enable you to keep your residential address details private.
  • You can enjoy a premium London city registered office address without the need to pay city centre business rates - perfect for any new or established company in England and Wales.
  • It will add credibility to your business and create an professional image.
  • It includes free mail handling and re-direction to your preferred address in the UK. International mail forwarding is also available.

What mail can be forwarded with this service?

  • Our registered office service deals only with mail from Companies House, HMRC and public authorities like the Courts.
  • Regular business correspondence cannot be forwarded using this service - you will need to use our London business address for this type of mail.
  • We will handle and redirect all of your registered company mail free of charge to your preferred address in the UK, such as your home or trading address. If you do not live in the UK, we are happy to forward your mail to any international address, and you will simply be charged the current postage rate plus 15%.

How to order this service

  1. Select ‘Order Now’ or buy the service when you are setting up your company.
  2. Select ‘Registered Office Address’ from the address options.
  3. Add your details and provide us with a forwarding address.
  4. Checkout and pay for your order.
  5. Start using the address immediately after checking out*.
  6. We will send all registered company mail to your preferred forwarding address in the UK or over-seas two times per week.

* Please note: your service will not be fully operational until we receive your photo identification and proof of address as required by legislation. An email with instructions will be sent to you following a successful purchase.

Your registered office address

My Limited Company
71-75 Shelton Street
Covent Garden

Frequently asked questions

Can I set up a company without a registered office?

No, you will not be able to incorporate a limited company or limited liability partnership if you do not provide a registered office address on your application to Companies House. It is a mandatory address that all incorporated businesses require, and it has to be situated in your company’s country of incorporation. The UK has three separate jurisdictions in which you can incorporate: England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. So, you will have to decide which one of these countries you would like your company to be registered in.

The reason you need a registered office is because Companies House requires an official contact address for your company in order to send important statutory letters and notices. They will share this address with HMRC and display it on public record. Your registered office will also be a public inspection location for your company records. By law, you will be required to state your registered office address on your business stationery and websites.

Is a registered office the same as a service address or business address?

No, these are three completely different types of addresses:

  • Registered office - your company’s official contact address and the delivery location of registered company mail from public authorities. Legally required.
  • Service address - a director’s or LLP member’s official contact address and the delivery location of registered personal mail from public authorities. Legally required.
  • Business address - your company’s general contact address for customers and other businesses. It may also be where your business is based and/or where you work from. Not legally required.

This registered office service cannot be used as a service address or a business address. But don’t worry, we do offer both of these services at our London address, so you can purchase them for your company in addition to the registered office service.

Am I allowed to change my registered office address?

Of course, you can move your registered office to a different address whenever you like - as long as you choose a physical address, as opposed to a PO Box, and it is in the same country as your current registered office. You will have to tell Companies House as soon as your registered office address changes, because the pubic register will have to be updated. By law, you will also have to update the address details on all of your business stationery and websites.

Do I have to renew this service after a year?

Our registered office service has to be renewed on an annual basis but the renewal cost will be exactly the same every year. You will not have to pay any more than £49.00 plus VAT per year to keep using this service.