About companies

Limited by shares

A comprehensive guide to companies limited by shares.

Limited by guarantee

An introduction to limited by guarantee and not for profit companies.

Limited liability partnership

Everything you need to know when considering LLP company formation.

About addresses

Registered office address

Useful information about the official address of a limited company or LLP.

Directors' service address

A guide to the official address of a company director or partner.

Business address

What you need to know about a business or trading address.

About company documents

Certificate of incorporation

Sometimes known as a registered company’s birth certificate.

Memorandum and articles of association

This document lists a company’s members and defines its constitution.

Share certificates

Documents that prove ownership of a limited company.

About taxation


All you need to know about VAT.


A guide to operating PAYE through payroll.

Company formation

Company formation checklist

All the information you need to set up a limited company in the UK.

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