Are shareholders' information displayed on public record?


I am registering a private limited company in Wales, and I am just contemplating purchasing address services through a company formation agency. My company will have four shareholders, and two are not resident in the UK. I, myself, would like to retain as much privacy as possible, but I know quite a lot of the information I submit with my Companies House application will end up going on the public record. My question is then as follows: will all information about shareholders also be displayed on the public record?



All shareholder information entered on the company formation application will be displayed on public:

  • Name
  • Contact address
  • Quantity, class and value of shares held
  • Amount paid or unpaid on shares

If you would rather keep this information private, you can appoint a nominee shareholder to take your place on the Companies House Register and public record. You will retain full rights and control as a beneficial shareholder - the nominee will be in name-only and will act in accordance with your instructions alone.

2 years ago

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