What is a company registration number?


I’m wondering, what is a company registration number and how do I get one? Do you have to fill out a form or apply to someone to get this number?

I’m self employed at the minute - I work as an electrician - but I want to get a company registration number to make my business more professional. I noticed a couple of other local electricians have one.



It is the unique identifying number that Companies House assigns to a limited company when it is incorporated. To obtain a company registration number, you must complete a company formation application and send it to Companies House for approval.

A company registration number is often abbreviated as ‘CRN’ and sometimes referred to as a ‘Companies House Number’, or simply a ‘Registration Number’. A CRN consists of 8 numbers, or 2 letters and 6 numbers.

When you register a limited company, you will find your CRN on the Certificate of Incorporation issued by Companies House. You must display this number of your official business stationery and websites.

Companies House’ online database, WebCHeck, displays the names and corresponding CRNs of all limited companies registered in the UK. This information can be accessed by the general public.

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