Can I reserve a company name?


Hello, I’m hoping you guys can help. I have an idea for a new business, and I’ve thought of a fantastic name. I won’t say what it is, but it’s very of-the-minute and what I believe to be an incredible pun. The thing is, I’m not quite in a position to start a company at the moment. I’m committed to make this business happen, but I can’t do it for at least a year due to personal circumstances. Is there any way I can reserve the name I’ve come up with for my company to make sure nobody else uses it? Thanks in advance



You can reserve your company name at any time by registering a limited company at Companies House. This can be done online through a company formation agent by filling out a quick application and sending it to Companies House. No one else will then be able to register the same name - it will be legally protected for your use only.

One piece of advice, however - think carefully before registering a company name that is very topical. It may very well stand the test of time but, equally, it could quickly become outdated and not make any sense! If that were to happen, and you wanted to change it, it’s really easy and would only cost £8.

2 years ago

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