Do I need a company name?


Hey - I am a programmer based in London, and I am keen to change from a sole trader to a limited by shares company. I am still planning on doing this on a freelance basis (programming is not my primary source of income), and so I don’t really see the point setting up a flashy company with a brand name. Do I need to bother at all with a company name? Ideally, I would like to just keep trading as myself, if possible.



You cannot register a limited by shares company without a company name. However, you may be able to use your own name (or whatever name you currently trade under) if it is available to register. You can find out by using an online name-checker on a company formation agent’s website.

If your name is available and the online checker does not flag up any restrictions on its use, you can go ahead and register a company with that name. Please be aware, however - you will be legally required to add ‘Limited’ or ‘Ltd’ to the end of your company name.

2 years ago

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