What if my company name is unavailable?


I’ve hit a snag setting up a new company. I already own a small bakery chain in Cornwall, but I would now like to open a sister company. For legal purposes, it’s easier if it is its own company. However, the clever name I had envisioned, which would have accented the bakery’s name, is already taken by another company somewhere else in the UK. What do I do? Do I have any options, or must I simply come up with a new name?



You cannot register a company with the name of an existing company on the register, unless that company grants permission. They are unlikely to do so, because the two companies could be confused for one another, but you can still ask.

If they do allow you to register the same name, you will have to provide written proof for Companies House, otherwise your application will be rejected.

It might be better to come up with a different name, or tweak it until you find a suitable alternative, because you want your business to be easily recognisable and distinct. And you do not want to run the risk of being mistaken for another company, especially if they end up with debts or a bad reputation.

2 years ago

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