What does 'incorporation' mean?


I am looking to take my part-time business full-time, but I’m getting a little bit confused (stumbling at the first hurdle, as it were). Some sites are talking about “forming” a company, while other websites are talking about “incorporating”. What exactly is meant by “incorporation”? Is it any different than forming a company, or is it just a different word for the same thing?



Your assumption is correct - ‘incorporating’ a company is exactly the same as ‘forming’ a company. You may also find that some people say ‘registering’ a company. Different words that all mean the same thing.

Company formation is a pretty easy process, so don’t worry about that. All you have to do is fill out an online form with information about you and your existing business. You can complete one of these forms in about 5 minutes through any company formation agent - you can do this from your computer; there’s no need to actually go the the agent in person.

When you have entered all of the necessary info, the agent will submit your form online to Companies House. Once it’s been checked and approved by Companies House, your new company will be incorporated. This normally takes about 3 hours. It’s a pretty cheap service, too - you’re talking £15-£20 for your company to get set up, so it’s pretty good.

2 years ago

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