Can a new company be formed using the name of a former company?


I’m trying to incorporate as a private limited by shares company, but I’ve got a quick question before I do. I’m opening a sweets company here in Manchester, and was hoping to use the name of an old favourite that was here in the city centre for generations. It’s been closed for a decade or so, and at the approval of its old owner, I was hoping to use the same name - give it a modern facelift of sorts. Does anybody know whether a new company can use the name of an old company in such a way?



As long as the old company has been formally dissolved at Companies House, there is no legal barrier preventing you from registering a new company with the same name. You are not legally required to obtain approval from the owner of the old company.

Before setting up your company - do a quick online search about the old company; check their last filed accounts and Companies House; and make sure there are no outstanding debts or CCJs. This is just precautionary, on the off-chance the company name is negatively associated with creditors.

2 years ago

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