What if I lose my company registration number?


I need help! I am trying to file my limited company’s Annual Return, but I can’t find my company’s CRN anywhere. I’m looking for past documents that it might be on, but am having trouble with that, too (my office is a mess, which will need to be amended one day). Can you please advise what I should do?




Your company registration number is printed on your certificate of incorporation - you should have received that by email and/or post when you set up your company.

If you cannot find the certificate or any official company mail from Companies House or HMRC, you can find your CRN in the following places:

  • Companies House WebCHeck - enter your company name in the yellow search box; your CRN will be displayed in the left-hand column beside your company name.
  • On your company website - if it is not displayed there, you must add it asap!
  • If you registered your company through a formation agent, you should have a client account on their website - login to retrieve your CRN.
  • Check on old Purchase Orders and Invoices - your number should be printed on these.
2 years ago

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