What is a company formation agent?


I am trying to register a new limited company, having never done so before, and I am trying to decide whether there are any ways to speed the process up. A quick Google search suggested that I use a company formation agent, but what even is a company formation agent?



Company formation agents are authorised, independent businesses that works in partnership with Companies House to provide an alternate but more efficient method of company registration. As specialised intermediaries, they speed up the entire incorporation process and take most of the hassle out of setting up a company.

There are many approved agents operating in the UK, and their popularity has increased dramatically over the past few years because their services are quicker and more affordable than any other method of company incorporation, including the services offered directly from Companies House.

If you use a formation agent, you could have your limited company registered and ready to trade in less than 3 working hours. It is also possible to request a guaranteed same-day incorporation if you make sure your application form is submitted before 3pm on a weekday. Your agent will check your application and forward it electronically to Companies House where it will be processed and approved.

2 years ago

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