Where do I need to display my company name?


Hi, I have a quick question regarding company names. I have successfully registered a new limited company with Companies House, and am currently getting materials together to start trading. Before I begin, I was curious as to whether there were any rules relating to displaying your company name. Are there certain places that my company name needs to be displayed?




Yes, you have to clearly display your company name in several places:

  • On all business stationery - including company documents, letters, order forms and promotional material.
  • On all websites, emails and other online material.
  • On a sign at your registered office address - unless your registered office is primarily used as a private residence.
  • At every place your business operates from - unless you’re running your business from home

It is also a legal requirement to state the following on your business stationery and websites:

  • Company registration number - this can be found on your certificate of incorporation.
  • Registered office address.
  • Country of incorporation.
  • The fact that your business is a limited company - you can do this by displaying your registered company name in full.
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