Can I use the word 'royal' in my company name?


My name is Aaron, and I’m starting a carwash in Glasgow this month (hopefully). I’d like to call it “The Royal Wash”, as it’s designed to be pretty up-market. But I’ve done a quick online search, and apparently it looks like the UK Government can be a bit strict about how you name a company. Do you know whether companies like mine are allowed to use the word “royal” in their names, or will this upset the Queen in some way?



The Queen may very be a bit miffed, yes! Any company name that implies a connection with the Royal family is restricted because the public could wrongly assume your business is endorsed by the Royal family. It is a ‘sensitive’ word that is prohibited under the Company and Business Names Regulations 2009.

Anyone who wants to use the word ‘Royal’ in a business name must obtain the consent of the Cabinet Office, the Welsh Assembly or the Scottish Government. Authorisation will only be considered if the applicant can provide a valid and exceptional reason for the use of the name, such as:

  • The history of their business and/or its future plans.
  • An association with the Royal family.
  • The name will represent an existing public house, hotel or similar establishment that has existed for a considerable length of time.
  • The name represents a street name, surname or has long usage.

If you cannot satisfy any of these requirements, you will not be allowed to use this word or any other word/name that suggests a connection with the Royal family.

2 years ago

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