Do I need a company formation agent?


Hello all! Listen: I’m in the process of starting a new limited company. I’m no rookie. In fact, I’ve started three limited companies in the past (two are still trading). The thing is, as you can imagine, I’m quite busy with these other companies. I know setting up a new company isn’t like climbing a mountain, but it is a chunk of time out of your day. So I was just wondering: is it worth using a company formation agent? I would just like to know exactly what sort of services and bonuses you are getting, to tell whether I actually need one or not.




Yes, it is definitely worth using a company formation agent if you want to save time and enjoy a hassle-free incorporation process:

  • Applications are completed online in approximately 5 minutes.
  • Your agent will review your application before submission.
  • It will be delivered to Companies House electronically.
  • Any supporting documentation you need to send you can be uploaded and delivered electronically with your application.
  • Companies House will review and approve your registration in approximately 3 working hours.
  • If there are any mistakes on your application, you will be informed by email immediately.
  • You can correct any mistakes online and resubmit your application on the same day.
  • Incorporation documents will be delivered to you by email as soon as your registration is finalised.

Most company formation agents also provide additional services like a registered office address, service address, business address, and VAT and PAYE registration. These are extremely beneficial for those who do not have a great deal of time to spare.

2 years ago

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