How do I know if my company name is available?


Is there any way to find out what company names are taken, rather than just typing name after name into Google to see what comes up?! There must be an easier way! I have a list of possibilities that i’d like to narrow down before I actually apply to set up a company.



You can find out if your company name is available by visiting the website of a company formation agent and using their online name-checker - this tool can usually be found on the homepage.

  1. Type in a company name.
  2. The name-checker will tell you if it is available or registered by another company.
  3. You will also be notified if the name contains any sensitive words or expressions that require approval from the Secretary of State at Companies House or another regulatory body.

If you find a name that you can use, you can register your limited company. If you do not, you will have to keep making adjustments until you eventually find one that is available. If you need to get approval for a sensitive word or expression, you will have to include the supporting documentation or request to the Secretary of State in your company formation application.

2 years ago

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