Are there any rules about naming a company?


I’m working on a business plan at the moment and I’m trying to settle on a name for my company. I’m going to be producing and selling handmade, organic skincare products and I’d like to use the name of my town somewhere in the company name because I will be sourcing and making everything locally.

Are there rules that prohibit this? And are there any other name restrictions I should be aware



You can use the name of your town in your company name, but there are restrictions on the use of country names and other geographical terms. For example, if you want to use ‘England/English’, ‘Scotland/Scottish’ or ‘International’, you will have to get permission from the Secretary of State at Companies House because these terms, along with many other words and expressions, are ‘sensitive’ and regulated under the Companies Act 2006.

You should also be aware of the following rules and regulations before choosing your company name:

  1. Do not choose a name that is exactly the same as another company name.
  2. Do not choose a name that is so similar to another company name that it is likely to cause confusion.
  3. You must add ‘Limited’ (or ‘Ltd) to the end of your company name.
  4. The name must not imply any kind of connection with the Royal family, a specified public authority or the Government, including a devolved government or administration.
  5. Do not use words or phrases that could be considered offensive.
  6. Seek permission from the Secretary or State - other the relevant authority - to use any sensitive words or expressions. Supporting documentation should be included with your company formation application.

You should also make sure that your company name is available as a domain name, and you should check the Trademark Register to ensure the name is not registered as a trademark.

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