What information do I need to give Companies House?


Hello, I’ve got a quick question about starting a company. I know you have got to file an application with Companies House, which I was planning to do using an agent. But two of my future fellow directors want to keep their details as private as possible. So my question is: do you know exactly what information you need to give Companies House to start a company?



You will have to give the following information to Companies House during the company formation process:

  • Company name
  • Registered office address (official company address)
  • Name and contact address of each member (shareholder/guarantor)
  • Information about the number of shares you want to create (limited by shares companies only)
  • Directors’ details:
    • Title
    • Full forename(s)
    • Surname
    • Previous name(s)
    • Country/State of residence
    • Nationality
    • Date of birth - from October 2015, the day element will not be disclosed.
    • Business occupation (if any) - this can be left blank.
    • Service address - this is the official contact address of an individual director. A home address can be used, or an alternate address can be provided to protect privacy.
    • Usual residential (home) address - will remain private unless used as a service address

All of this information will be placed on public record; however, your fellow directors could use nominee directors if they wish to keep their details private. A nominee is a person or business that is appointed in ‘name only’ and their details are disclosed on public record in place of the true director’s details.

2 years ago

New legislation came into force on Saturday (10/10/2015) which affects the details directors need to give to form a company. The date of birth and the security details are no longer required, although the subscribers must confirm that the named officer has consented to act as a Director or Secretary.

2 years ago

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