What is a SIC code?


I’m in the middle of trying to register my new limited company for VAT on the HMRC website. I need to give them SIC codes - What does that mean? Where do I get them from?

I gather it’s something to do with the kind of activities my business carries out - I’m a furniture maker, in case you need this information to be able to help.



A SIC code is a Standard Industrial Classification code made up of four or five numbers. Companies House and HMRC use SIC codes to determine and classify the types of business activities being carried out by limited companies in the UK. You can find your code(s) here to describe what you do. You can have up to four codes.

Every company must provide this information upon registering with HMRC for VAT and when an annual return is filed at Companies House. If your SIC code changes at any time, you can update this information on your next annual return.

2 years ago

Your relevant 2007 SIC codes are...

31.01 Manufacture of office and shop furniture 31.02 Manufacture of kitchen furniture 31.03 Manufacture of mattresses 31.09 Manufacture of other furniture

You can use whichever of the above is most suitable, or several of them if you wish (up to 4)

8 months ago

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