Why does shareholder information go on the public record?


I’m trying to incorporate a limited company, but I notice I need to provide certain information about each of my shareholders. From what I understand, most of this information then goes out to the public. Now, the majority of them are quite keen on protecting their privacy, and so would obviously like to keep their details from the public domain. Can anybody tell me why shareholder information has to go on the public record? Is this in any way optional? Thanks for your help.



Limited companies are strictly regulated by Companies House, so information about a company's activities and ownership must be disclosed to the public to provide openness and corporate transparency.

The name and contact address each shareholder will be available to the public on the Companies House register. If your fellow shareholders wish to protect their privacy, the can appoint a nominee shareholder to take their place on public record.

The nominee’s name and address will be registered with Companies House and disclosed on the public register, but the true shareholder will retain full executive and beneficial rights. The nominee will act on the instructions of the true shareholder only and will not be entitled to any profits.

2 years ago

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