Why are directors' service addresses made public?


Hello, I’d like to ask a question about service addresses. I understand that Companies House requires I submit a service address for myself as a company director - that’s fine. What I do not understand is why that address needs to be made public. Is there any particular reason that this address needs to be made public? I only ask because I was planning on just tossing in my residential address as my service address, but I don’t really want everyone and their mum to know where I live.



The reason Companies House discloses this information - and lots of other information about limited companies - is to enhance openness, transparency and trust in commerce to eliminate fraud and corruption as much as possible. The objective is to boost consumer and investor confidence which, in turn, helps improve the economy.

If you do not want your home address on the public register, you can simply use another address as a service address. As long as you do not use a PO Box number, you are free to provide any physical address you like.

2 years ago

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