Does a limited company need a business address?


I’m a bit befuddled with all the different types of company addresses I keep reading about. I know I need a registered office address and a service address, but do I need a business address as well, or is that just another name for a registered office? It’s just a small business that I’m setting up and I’ll be working from home.



A business address is not a legal requirement because you do not have to give this information to Companies House or disclose it on public record, but most businesses do need a general contact address for their customers and suppliers. A business address, therefore, may be a good idea.

You can use your home address as a business address, which would be convenient, but it is more impressive to use a professional business address from a third-party provider.

Your business address can be the same as your registered office and/or service address. It does not have to be in the UK - it can be wherever your business is based. You can also have more than one if you operate in more than one location.

2 years ago

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