Does a limited company need a registered office address?


Hi, hopefully you guys can help me out. I want to register a private limited company in Scotland, but it is going to be an online-only business. I don’t plan on investing in a premises for an actual shop or anything, and so won’t have a physical office. Bearing that in mind, do I actually need a registered office address for my company? It seems a bit pointless for an online business, so I’m just trying to find out if it’s a legal requirement or not.



Yes, a registered office is a legal requirement of company formation. This address will appear on the public register of companies and it will be used as an official contact address by Companies House and HMRC.

Your company does not have to be based at its registered office. You can use any address you like, as long as it’s a full postal address in the country where your company is incorporated - in your case, this will be Scotland.

You may use your home address but do bear in mind that it will be available to the public, so you may prefer to use a different address to protect your privacy. Many company formation agents offer a registered office service with mail forwarding, which is ideal for this purpose.

2 years ago

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