Are directors' service addresses made public?


Good morning, I’m setting up a new bakery in Stirling (watch this space!). I’m trying to get everything together so that I can officially incorporate my business online as a limited company, but I am a bit concerned about privacy. It says on the Companies House website that all company directors need to send in a service address with the application. Is that address made public? I only ask, because I would probably use my home address, but I obviously do not want everyone in the country knowing where I live. Thank you.



Yes, your service address will be available to the public on the Companies House register. It is common for people to use a residential address but you can use a different address if you would rather keep this information private.

You can use any address you like - except a PO Box number - and your service address can be in any country. Some people use their registered office address as a service address, but it is completely up to you.

2 years ago

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