What is a director's service address?


Hi, guys! I’m trying to register a company online using a formation agent, but am stumbling at the addresses bit. What exactly is a director’s service address? More importantly, do I need one for each director? Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it. I’m trying to get this registration done as soon as I can, so bonus points for a quick answer!



A service address is a director’s statutory contact address. Companies House and HMRC use this address to send official mail to an individual director. It is also the address that is placed on the public register of companies next to a director’s name.

Each individual director must provide a service address, but the same mailing address can be used by all directors as long as they each state this information separately where requested.

A service address can be anywhere in the world but it must be a physical address, i.e. not just a PO box number. Home addresses are fine, but to protect your privacy it’s better to use a non-residential address. For convenience, you may wish to use the same address as your company’s registered office or business address.

2 years ago

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