Do companies limited by shares have company registration numbers?


Greetings! I have just formed a limited by shares company. A cousin of mine manages a limited by guarantee company, and was recently telling me of the importance of a company registration number. I don’t recall anything about registration numbers when I applied to form a limited by shares company. Do limited companies actually have these numbers? Or are they exclusive to other company types?



All types of limited companies have company registration numbers (abbr. CRN) for the purpose of identification. Your new company will have been assigned a unique CRN by Companies House and you will find it on your certificate of incorporation. It will be made up of eight numbers, or two letters and six numbers.

You will have to quote this number whenever you contact Companies House or HMRC, and it will be displayed on all communications you receive from them. You must display your registration number on your official business stationery and websites, so don’t lose it!

2 years ago

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