Do I have to use the word "limited" or "Ltd" in my company name?


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My name is Kian, and I’m trying to register a limited by shares company online. I’ve got a name in mind for my company, a new publishing company, but I am struggling to understand this whole “limited” business. Do I actually have to use the word “limited” or “ltd” at the end of my company name? The formation site I’m using makes it sound as though this is a requirement, but if this is the case, why doesn’t every company on the high street have an “ltd” on its sign? Do some limited companies have to, while others do not - or how does it work?

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It is a legal requirement, yes. However, once your company is registered, you can omit this ending on your official logo and/or office signs. This shorter version will be your ‘business name’.

You must choose one version on the company formation application - ‘Limited’ or ‘Ltd’, or the Welsh equivalent if you are registering a company in Wales. The full name stated on your application will be the registered name of your new company, and it will appear as such on your certificate of incorporation and on public record. Your full company name should also be clearly stated on official stationery and correspondence.

Exemption from including ‘Limited’ or Ltd’ applies only to limited by guarantee companies when their articles of association state:

  • The company has objects of promotion or regulation of commerce, art, science, education, religion, charity or any profession.
  • The company spends its income on promoting its objects.
  • The company cannot pay its members (guarantors).
  • The company requires each member to contribute to company assets if it is wound up during their membership, or within a year of them stopping being a member.
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Hi! I recently registered my company as a private limited company too and wanted to get clarification on this matter, in terms of using the 'LTD' at the end of my conpany name.

Do I have to use it on things like my logo that's shown on my website and my social media page names?

Also when I am referring to my company in bits of text on my website, for example, "Kreative Marketing Agency Ltd offers..."

Or can I simply use "Kreative Marketing Agency offers..."

I have been a bit confused about this as many companies online dont use the 'LTD' every single time they mention their company name or on their social media.

I do have the company registered name & number at the footer of my site already if that helps!

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