Does a company limited by guarantee need a registered office?


Hello, I am setting up a non-profit online advice service for women that will be digitally-based. We won’t have a physical address people can drop into. Bearing that in mind, do we need a registered office address when incorporating? This site will be run by dozens of volunteers from across the UK, so it doesn’t make a lot of sense to register one address. Just curious if this is a requirement or not.



Yes. A company limited by guarantee must have a registered office address. You will be asked to provide this information on your company formation application and it will be recorded on public record. You must use an address that it is located in the country where your company is registered.

The purpose of a registered office is to receive legal company mail from HMRC and Companies House. You do not have to work at this address, nor does the company have to be based there - it’s just the address where you want to receive official mail (not general business mail).

2 years ago

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