Do I need to tell someone if my limited by guarantee company stops trading?


My limited by guarantee company is taking a break. I’m not sure whether we’re done for good or not, but either way, we are not currently trading. Is there someone I need to tell about this, or do we simply stop trading without telling anyone?



You need to contact HMRC through your local Corporation Tax office to report that your company is dormant, i.e. it is not currently trading. You will find the contact details of your tax office on any official correspondence you’ve received from HMRC.

When you have contacted them, they will get in touch within a couple of weeks to tell you what you need to do. You may have to file a Company Tax Return and pay any outstanding business taxes for the period of activity before you stopped trading.

Companies House will be notified that your company is dormant when you file your next annual accounts.

2 years ago

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