Can a limited company have a single shareholder?


I am planning to start a limited company, but this shareholder business confuses me. When I think shares, I picture an auditorium filled with businessmen voting on issues - but I am starting this business for myself. I might not even have employees! I know limited by shares is the right structure for me, but I don’t have anyone else to issue shares to. Do you know whether it’s okay simply to issue a single share to myself, and nobody else?




You only need one shareholder to register a limited company, so you can set up your company by yourself. This will mean you are the sole shareholder (owner) and director (manager) with full control of the business.

There is no limit to the number of shareholders your company can have, so you can bring in additional shareholders in the future if you change your mind. To do this, you will have to sell shares to other people.

2 years ago

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