Can I form a limited by guarantee company online?


Hi, guys. I’m trying to turn a community art project I’m sponsoring into a full-time, limited by guarantee company. I’m going on holiday in a few days, and would like to get it done before then, as I’ll be gone for 3 weeks and would like my partners to have things up and running for my return. But I’m afraid I’ve run out of time now. Do you know whether I can form a limited by guarantee company online? And if so, do you know of any sites that can help me to do this?

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Yes, you can register a UK limited company online. The whole process takes about 3 hours, but you only need to spend about 5 minutes filling out the application form with details about your business and the people who will own and manage it.

To set up your company, simply complete an online application through a company formation agent. When you have completed the form and paid for your registration, they will send it electronically to Companies House.

Your application should be processed and approved by Companies House on the same day, depending on how busy they are, and you will receive an email confirmation with your incorporation documents attached. You can start trading any time after that.

2 years ago

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