Where can I find my company registration number (CRN)?


I’m on the hunt for my company registration number. It’s somewhere, but I’ve got no clue where. Could someone please let me know where I could be able to find it?


Just log into your Formations Factory account, click 'Companies', click on your company and you will see your CRN in the information table.

2 years ago



You can find your company registration in a few different places:

  • Your certificate of incorporation
  • Shareholder certificates issued upon incorporation
  • On official letters and correspondence from Companies House and HMRC
  • On the Companies House register, which can be accessed online via WebCHeck
  • Your client account on your company formation agent’s website (if you used an agent)

Please keep a note of this number because you will require providing it on a regular basis throughout the life of your company.

2 years ago

I lost all my company registration folder and files and need to know my company registration number. What should I do to find my HK company registration number?

a year ago

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