How can I remove my name as a company director?



I have recently quit my role as director at a private limited company. The problem is, I am listed as the founding company director with Companies House. Could someone please advise how I would go about removing my name as a company director?

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You cannot remove yourself as a director unless the company has other directors (at least one of whom must be a natural person, rather than a corporate director) or someone else has been appointed in your place as the sole director.

One of the other directors of the company, or the company secretary, must contact Companies House to notify them of the termination of your appointment as soon as possible. This can be done free of charge before or after the official termination date in one of three ways:

  1. Login to your client account through your company formation agent’s website and notify Companies House by entering the termination date of the appropriate director. Submit the form online.
  2. Complete form TM01 online and submit it to Companies House via WebFiling.
  3. Download form TM01 and send it to Companies House by post.

The Companies House database and public register will be updated to reflect your termination but your details will remain on record indefinitely, even though you are no longer part of the company. The company must also update its own register of directors with your termination date.

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