Can I add shares after establishing a private limited company?


Hey, quick question: I formed a limited company online about eight months ago, and I was its sole shareholder. Now, I would like to sign on a friend as a full business partner, which would ideally mean that I can issue her shares. Does anybody know whether this is possible? Thank you.



You can issue new shares any time after setting up a company. To do so, you must complete a Return of Allotment of Shares and send it to Companies House. Before doing so, you must check your company’s articles of association for any restrictions, such as authorised share capital, shareholders’ pre-emption rights and the director’s power to issue more shares.

If no restrictions are in place, the Return of Allotment (Companies House form SH01) should contain the following information:

  • Company name and registration number
  • Date of allotment
  • Details of new shares:
    • Class/type
    • Quantity
    • Nominal value
    • Currency
    • Amount paid or to be paid per share
    • Non-cash payments accepted for shares
  • Statement of capital to include new issued share capital at date of allotment
  • Rights (prescribed particulars) attached to each new share

This form can be sent to Companies House online or by post. You must do this within one month of allotting new shares.

You do not have to provide details of the new shareholders until you file your next annual return, but you must add their details to the register of members kept at your registered office or alternative inspection location.

You should issue share certificates to each new shareholder immediately and retain copies for your company’s records.

2 years ago

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