Can you add additional shareholders to your limited company after formation?


Morning! I’m keen to add two new shareholders to my limited by shares company - but I’m not sure that I can. We already incorporated our company a few months ago with Companies House and listed all of the shareholders. Is it possible to add more, or do we have to make do with the number we’ve got? Thanks



You can add new shareholders whenever you like, as long as you have available shares to sell to them. If you need to create more shares to do this, you will have to send a Return of Allotment of Shares to Companies House to record the change in share capital.

When the new shares have been created, you should provide a share certificate to each new shareholder. This is basically a receipt to prove that they own the shares. You must then add their names to the register of members that you keep at your registered office.

To tell Companies House about the new shareholders, you will provide their details on the next annual return. Companies House will then record this information and add their names to your company details on the public register.

2 years ago

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