How can I register my limited by shares company as dormant?



I am the director and sole shareholder of a private limited company. I would like to register it as dormant, ideally. I know it can be done, but haven’t the foggiest how to do it. Could you please give me an outline as to how I could go about registering as dormant?




To register a limited company as dormant (i.e. it has been incorporated but is not currently trading), you have to contact HMRC through your local Corporation Tax office to tell them the date from which it will be dormant. The contact details for your tax office can be found on any correspondence received from HMRC.

You will receive a reply within approximately two weeks. The letter will tell you what to do next - if your company was previously trading, you will probably be asked to submit a Company Tax Return and pay any tax owed for that period; if your company was not previously trading, you will probably not have to do anything for HMRC until your company begins trading.

Whilst your company is dormant, you will still have to send an annual return and dormant accounts to Companies House every year.

2 years ago

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