How do I add a secretary to my limited company?


Hi, there. I’m trying to add a secretary to my limited company. We’ve selected a brilliant candidate, who also happens to be a shareholder. Now, it’s time to make it happen. Could you please let me know what procedure I must undergo in order to officially appoint our new secretary in the eyes of the law? Thank you.



To officially appoint a company secretary, you need to notify Companies House by completing form AP03 (or form AP04 if you are appointing a corporate body as your secretary).

You can download this form from Companies House and deliver it by post, or you can send it online through WebFiling on the Companies House website. Many company formation agents also provide free online filing services where you can send this information to Companies House electronically.

To complete the appointment, Companies House will require the following information:

  • Company number
  • Company name in full
  • Date of secretary’s appointment
  • Title, forename(s) and surname of secretary
  • Any previous name(s) they used for business purposes in the past 20 years.
  • Service address of secretary - their official contact address

You must send this information within 14 days of the appointment date. Companies House will update the public record shortly thereafter. You must also ensure you add the secretary’s appointment details to your statutory register of directors at your registered office.

2 years ago

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