What is a nominee director?


I’ve been told by a legal advisor that it would be worth electing a nominee director for our company. But I’m not exactly sure what a nominee director even is. Could somebody help me out with this one?



A nominee director is someone who assumes the role of company director in name-only on behalf of the real director who wishes to remain anonymous. This is quite a common practice amongst corporate directors and individuals who simply do not want their involvement in a company to be disclosed on public record.

The details of your chosen nominee will be registered with Companies House and placed on public record as the director of the company - your personal details will remain private but you will still have full executive rights and be legally responsible for carrying out all directors duties. The nominee will only carry out certain tasks on your behalf and only upon your instruction, but they are not permitted to open bank accounts, sign banking mandates or present themselves for ID checks - the true director is responsible for these types of tasks.

2 years ago

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