How do I add a director to my limited company?


We would like to add a director to our limited by shares company. Does anyone here know the easiest way to make that happen? If it helps, for reference, we are a limited company in England that currently has five shareholders and two directors.



It is very easy to appoint a new or additional director to a limited company after incorporation. You can do this by completing form AP01 (or form AP02 for corporate director appointments) and sending it to Companies House online or by post. You can also appoint and remove directors online through your company formation agent.

Companies House requires the following information to fulfil your appointment request:

  • Company registration number
  • Full company name
  • Date of director’s appointment
  • Title and full name of director
  • Former name(s) the director has used for business purposes in the last 20 years.
  • Director’s date of birth
  • Director’s nationality and country/state of residence
  • Director’s business occupation (if any)
  • Director’s service address - official contact address
  • Director’s residential address

You have to file this information no later than 14 days after the appointment of the new director and you must update your statutory register of directors immediately.

2 years ago

Hi, This is very interesting and just what we are doing but we need to know how long does it take to become official and registered at companies house and what is the quickest way?

7 months ago

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