What is a nominee secretary?


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I’m doing some research about setting a limited company up. I think I would like to appoint a company secretary, but I’ve come across stuff about nominee secretaries. I don’t really get the point. What exactly is a nominee secretary, if you don’t mind?




If you would like to protect the identity of your company secretary for any reason, you can appoint a nominee secretary to take their place on public record. Some people do not want their details disclosed on the public register of companies so they can appoint a nominee to protect their privacy whilst still retaining executive rights and responsibilities as the real company secretary.

A nominee secretary does not have any right to make decisions about how a company operates, unless they are instructed to do so by the real secretary. The nominee’s role is in name only, so the true secretary is still responsible for their own duties, but they can authorise a nominee to complete or sign certain documents on their behalf.

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