What happens when the secretary of a limited company resigns?


Our company secretary has expressed his intentions to leave our company. What will happen after he leaves, legally, I mean? Will we need to appoint another secretary, or can we continue to operate without one?



Private companies are not legally required to have a secretary, unless a clause in their articles states otherwise - only public limited companies are required by law to appoint a secretary.

If you do not want to replace your current company secretary when he leaves, you do not have to - you simply have to tell Companies House the date of his termination by filing form TM03 online through WebFiling or by post. You can also notify Companies House online through a company formation agent.

If you do wish to appoint a new secretary when the current one leaves, you have to fill out Companies House form AP03 and file it within 14 days of the appointment.

You must update your statutory register of secretaries to reflect any termination and/or appointment.

2 years ago

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