Can a limited company have a single share?



This is probably a really stupid question but I’m a bit perplexed - if I want to start a company by myself, can my company just have one share?

It seems a bit strange because, to me, a ‘share’ indicates a part of something that has been split into sections. If my company only has a single share, then it’s not really a ‘share’ because the company has not been divided up. Does that make sense?



It does seem a bit odd but, yes, a company can have just one share. This means that the single share represents 100% of the business - by holding this one issues share, you will own all of the company yourself and have ultimate control of the business.

You can issue more shares during or after incorporation if you like - there are no restrictions in place to prevent you from doing so. It’s really just a matter of preference and whether you plan to sell shares to other people in the future.

2 years ago

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