How do I dissolve a solvent company?


I am at the helm of a solvent company that I would like to dissolve. Please tell me whether this is possible to do, and if so, could you please tell me how? Thanks, I appreciate the input. I’m trying to get this done as soon as I can.



You can dissolve a solvent limited company by applying to Companies House to have it stuck off the register. This method of dissolution is only available if the company:

  • Has not traded or sold any assets in the last 3 months
  • Has not changed its name within the past 3 months
  • Is not threatened with liquidation
  • Does not have any agreements with creditors, such as a Company Voluntary Agreement (CVA)

To apply for your company be struck off, you must complete form DS01, get it signed by a majority of the directors, submit it to Companies House and pay a £10 filing fee. You must then notify everyone with an involvement in the company of your plan to dissolve it.

Companies House will process your application and publish your striking off request in your local Gazette. If no objections are raised, your company will be dissolved and struck off within 3 months of the notice being published.

2 years ago

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