Can I use the word "holdings" in my company name?


I appreciate that limited companies are supposed to include the word “limited” or “ltd” at the end of their names, but I was wondering if it was possible to use the word “holdings” instead. It just fits in more with our goals of how we want to utilise this new company. Does anyone know whether this is legal?



You may include the word ‘holdings’ anywhere in your company name, but you must add ‘Limited’ or ‘Ltd’ to the end of the name in order to incorporate the company at Companies House.

However, your trading name can be different - you can drop the ending if you like, just as long as you state your full registered company name on all official paperwork and company stationery, on your website and online material, and on the required signage at your registered office address and trading locations.

2 years ago

What if I am not yet ready to incorporate, but I want to add "Holdings" into the name of the company? I know that I will create it as a holding company, but I want to start doing business and getting the name out there.

9 months ago

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