How do you sell unpaid shares in a limited company?


I’ve got multiple unpaid shares in an old software company that I would like to sell. The thing is that I’m not actually sure whether it’s possible to do. Does anybody know how to go about doing it, if it’s possible? Thank you in advance.



You can sell shares to someone else regardless of whether you’ve paid for them or not. You can either pay them up and then sell them, or you can sell them as unpaid but this will likely be taken into consideration when determining how much the buyer is willing to pay you.

If the company director authorises the transfer and someone else wants to buy your shares, all that is required is the completion of a stock transfer form(s) by the director. The following information will be needed:

  • Company name and number
  • Quantity of shares
  • Class of shares
  • Amount paid or unpaid on shares
  • Name and address of seller (existing shareholder)
  • Name and address of buyer (new shareholder)
  • Stamp Duty liability

The director should give you a copy of this form. The new shareholder will get a copy and also a share certificate. The new shareholder(s) will have to pay Stamp Duty on their shares if the sale value is in excess of £1,000.

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may I have a sample of a Sale Agreement for an unpaid shares?

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