Can all directors of a UK company be based overseas?


Greetings, all. I would like to set up a company in the UK. I am from Pakistan, where I am currently based, and as I would be the sole director in this company, that would mean that all directors of my UK company would be non-resident and based overseas. Can someone please advise me whether this is legal? Thank you for your time.



Yes, you can register a UK limited company with non-resident directors - there is no need for any of the directors to live in the UK on a temporary or permanent basis. However, all income received in relation to your role as a director of the company will be treated as earnings in the UK.

This means that your director’s salary will have to be taxed through Paye As You Earn (PAYE) - to do this, you will have to register your company as an employer. You will also have to register yourself with HM Revenue and Customs for Self-Assessment if you wish to pay yourself dividends as a shareholder.

Your country of permanent residence may also tax you on any income received from your company, unless it has a double-taxation agreement with the UK. Owning and managing a foreign company can be particularly complex so you should really consult an accountant for professional advice.

2 years ago

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