What is the procedure for removing a company secretary?


We would like to remove our company secretary. It’s nothing to do with her abilities, it’s simply a matter of no longer needing the position filled. What’s the way to go about it? Just keen to learn the procedure, if possible.



A private limited company can remove a company secretary any time because it is an optional appointment - the Companies Act imposes no legal requirement upon a private company to have a secretary. However, you should check the articles of association and the secretary’s contract for any provisions that could restrict the termination procedure.

If no restrictions exist, you simply have to notify Companies House of the termination by filing form TM02. You can complete this form online or download it from the Companies House website and send it by post. The easiest way to do it is online through a company formation agent.

The appointment form will ask for the following details:

  • Company name
  • Registration number
  • Title and full name (or corporate name) of secretary as it appears on the register
  • Termination of appointment date

Be sure to update the statutory register of secretaries as soon as possible - this register should be held at your registered office address or alternative inspection location.

2 years ago

Can a company Secretary refuse to resign and if so what steps can be taken to force a resignation. Does the company secretary have to complete another Form of Resignation on a different Form or does he or she have to also sign Form TMo2?

4 months ago

I have a situation where one director of 9 has unilaterally filed a TM02 to remove a secretary without the authority of the other directors. Is this illegal and will Companies House take action?

4 months ago

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