Who has the power to appoint a limited company secretary?



I’m part of a company that’s run by directors and shareholders all over the place, which can be difficult at times. Especially from a legal point-of-view. We’re in the position now where we need to appoint a company secretary, but not all of the company members are UK residents Are there any rules about who can appoint a company secretary? Or can anyone involved in the company do it?



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The appointment of a company secretary is governed by the articles of association. In most companies, the directors have the power to appoint and remove company secretaries. However, if the directors have not been granted this power, the company members (shareholders or guarantors) will have to pass an ordinary resolution to appoint a secretary.

If you choose to appoint a company secretary, you must notify Companies House within 14 days of doing so. You can do this online or by post using form AP03 (or AP04 for corporate secretaries). This form should contain the following details:

  • Full company name and registration number
  • Date of appointment
  • New secretary’s details - title, forename, surname and any former names.
  • Secretary’s service address - contact address
  • Signature of new secretary and a director

You can also appoint a new secretary online through a company formation agent. Once appointed, the director must update the register of secretaries with the new secretary’s details and date of appointment.

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