Can a limited company can use the word "limited" before its name, rather than after?


Trying to set up a limited company, and I am stumbling on my name. I’ve been told by a formation agent that I need to use either “limited” or “ltd” at the end of my company name. Fair enough, rules are rules. What I’d like to know is whether it is possible to use one of these words before my company name rather than after.



No, you can only add ‘limited’ or ‘ltd’ to the end of your company name to denote that it has been incorporated with Companies House. You cannot include this at the start of the name.

However, if part of your company name contains the word ‘Limited’, in addition to the obligatory ending - for example, ‘Limited Designs’ - you can use the word ‘limited’ but you must still add ‘limited’ or ‘ltd’ at the end of the name. In this example, your company name would therefore be ‘Limited Designs Limited’.

2 years ago

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